Terms and Conditions

Melos Group Limited trading as Yellow Cube Solutions . Hereafter ‘Yellow Cube Solutions” or “we”.

1.  Hardware Access Period

Access periods are calculated on a Monthly “time-out” basis and not “time-used” basis, that is, from the time of payment from Yellow Cube Solutions to the time of return of the hardware.  For example, you pay for a month’s worth of use of a dedicated server and you use it for a week you are not able to get a refund for part credits of a rental. This also applies if you go over a month’s worth of pay and you wish to use it for one more week you will still have to pay for 2 months. You do not receive the hardware and software (hereafter referred to as ‘it’) that you rent; you only gain access to it and it still belongs to Yellow Cube Solutions throughout the time you are with us.

2.  Liability

All access to the hardware and software (hereafter referred to as ‘it’) released for rental has been thoroughly checked for defects and is in a working state when you gain access to it. Every effort has been made to ensure that it is in full working order when Yellow Cube Solutions allows you access to it.  Yellow Cube Solutions will accept no responsibility for any loss of data or otherwise, but we will try our utmost (to within reason) to protect said data. If the Hardware on a dedicated server were to fail during the rental period Yellow Cube Solutions will try to provide a replacement or similar plan to your order as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee to do so. Let it also be noted that Yellow Cube Solutions does not perform backups of any kind on dedicated servers; however web data can be backed-up from any servers every 24 hours if requested (Yellow Cube Solutions also retains the right to perform backups of data stored on any computer systems at any point without consent).

3.  Deposits

Yellow Cube Solutions does not require any kind of deposit for any services provided and we do not give any kind of refund (Exceptions may apply).

4. Insurance

Yellow Cube Solutions do not have any kind of insurance policy for the failure of any hardware or otherwise and refunds will not be given due to hardware failure or otherwise.

5. Availability

The hardware and/or software will only become available after the payment of at least a 1 month’s worth of payment upfront and then the hardware will only be available for that month (One calendar month, Greenwich Mean Time). After the month is over the server is stopped and all data will be deleted unless another full payment for another month is received within 1 day (Greenwich Mean Time) of the server renewal date. There is no compensation for loss of data because of a payment failure or if the incorrect amount is paid. You will receive a renewal notice to the email address you signed up with 1 week (Greenwich Mean Time) before the server is due for renewal.

6. Support

Yellow Cube Solutions only gives support for the Hardware and the base Operating System installed on the Hardware and applications installed by us. We do not give support for any software you install on your systems, however, a ‘best-effort’ policy may apply in which we can try to help you. You can contact us on +44 (0) 1525 888015

7. Resellers

Yellow Cube Solutions welcomes resellers and encourages you to sign up to our official reseller scheme, get in touch on our contact page for more details. We also welcome you to recommend us to your friends, if you recommend someone and they go on to signup for a service then we will reduce your rental fee by the following: 5% if a dedicated is recommended, 2.5% if a virtual server is recommended and 1% if a hosted exchange account is recommended (all recommendations must be validated by Yellow Cube Solutions before any discounts can apply), up to a total of 50% of your rental fee.

8. Validity

The terms and conditions are valid from 09/04/2011 (dd/mm/yyyy) and may change at any time without consent. Last updated 14/01/2021.

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